I’m a Web & React Native developer, entrepreneur and a book lover!!

  • 😄 Hi there, i’m Renato Santos — aka @coffezilla
  • ✋ I’m interested in React JS development and React Native projects using modern web development tools and languages.
  • 📓 I’m currently learning about NodeJS, MongoDB and new React Native technics for faster development and better code quality.
  • 🤝 I’m looking to collaborate on ReactJS and React Native components that make the development faster for all devs from the community.
  • 🏆 2022 Goals: Improve my english language skills and contribute more to the dev community with content.
  • 🌟 Fun Fact: Huge fan of face-to-face talks and Sekiro :)

Commercial projects

  • onGo: Web chat with mobile integration for websites and e-commerce. Simples chat for small business owners that can replace the Whatsapp/Telegram dependency. Using HTTP protocols for really cheap implementation for shared hosts.
  • onPeople: A simple campaign e-mail sender in PHP using cron jobs with website integration for everyone. Create your e-mail very easily, schedule it to send any time and build your e-mail costumers base with a simple name + e-mail form.
  • onPoster: Social media and SEO content organizer. Organize all your social posts and create posts and text content for web that has better SEO quality. Very useful for approve content before post and get everything in one place for small team of social post creators.
  • onStore X: E-commerce platform made for small business owners with focus in SEO and Pagseguro integration. Open your new store and sell your stuffs to everyone with build-in features like coupon creator, custom products, stock and user organizer and much more.
  • onTrack: Web platform for store products, user and orders management. Integrated to onStore X.
  • onStore App: Android and iOS app integrated with onStore X e-commerce websites. A catalog of all the products for costumer.

Fun personal projects

  • Stuffs app: Social media app in React Native for people who likes to post images of collections and stuffs to make reviews.
  • Girassol app: React Native app with lots and lots of motivation messages for you.
  • eFut Manager: Free Soccer Manager game with 100+ teams, 5000+ players and lots of tournaments. Create your free account and start to manager some team to start you path in order to win all the trophies.
  • eFut Manager app: React Native app for Android and iOS to follow matches, teams and stats from the eFut Manager web game.

Open Source projects

  • reactn-auth: React Native authentication with JWT + PHP backend and React Native Navigation.
  • reactn-validation-form: Simple validator for React Native projects. Radiobox, Checkbox and Switches implementation.
  • reactn-pagination: Typescript React Native component to get lots and lots of json content with auto pagination and autoload with scroll to the bottom.
  • reactn-form-elements: Simple form elements components like input text, input masks, checkbox, radiobox, textarea and switch to use in React Native forms.
  • reactn-toasty: Toasty notification for React Native projects using Context API.
  • reactn-file-upload: React Native upload photos from camera and gallery with PHP backend and PHP Wideimage.
  • reactn-bhx-sample-grid: Grid component (Typescript) with properties for a easy implementation.
  • reactn-bhx-carousel: Carousel in React Native (Typescript) for easy implementation.
  • react-bhx-form: Form validator in Typescript for React JS web projects.
  • react-bhx-pagination: Make paginations easy from JSON data using React JS.
  • react-router-protected: React JS + Routers with private routers using Redux and Typescript.
  • react-bhx-carousel: Carousel for React JS in Typescript with gesture swipe implementation.
  • react-bhx-modal-custom: Modal React JS in Typescript. Clean CSS.
  • react-bhx-menu-responsive: Responsive menu ReactJS component in Typescript with gestures and swipe implementation. Easier way to set your menu in any mobile project.
  • react-bhx-input-file-live: File input component with wrapper for easy implementation.
  • react-bhx-images: Image loader component with lazy loader in Typescript for React JS projects.
  • react-bhx-auth: React JS authentication in Typescript with JWT and PHP for the backend.
  • webpack-typescript-sample: Webpack basic project with Typescript, Sass, CSS, Babel and image assets. Better way to study webpack.
  • react-bhx-landpages: Lots and lots of landpage components for React JS projects. Using Bootstrap.




Frontend / React Native Developer & Entrepreneur | Learning and Sharing Knowledge Everyday | Creator of onStore X, eFut Manager and Stuffs App @coffezilla

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Renato Santos

Renato Santos

Frontend / React Native Developer & Entrepreneur | Learning and Sharing Knowledge Everyday | Creator of onStore X, eFut Manager and Stuffs App @coffezilla

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